Cross Bay Brewery

Morecambe, Lancashire

Cross Bay Brewery began brewing cask ales in July 2011 and since then our fine handcrafted beers have been enjoyed at bars throughout the North West and nationwide.

Our beers are brewed using premium, natural ingredients in order to give a great, distinctive taste. We combine skilful brewing, creativity and innovation to produce a varied range of permanent and seasonal cask ales.

Cross Bay Brewery is based in Morecambe, Lancashire in the North West of England and are proud to say that we are the seaside resort’s only brewery.

We are really proud of the beautiful views of the Lake District that you can see from Morecambe Bay and this is why we decided to name our beers after different happenings over the bay.

Some Facts About Cross Bay Brewery:

  • We have a 28 barrel brewing capacity
  • In its lifetime, our brewing equipment has won numerous international brewing awards.
  • The horse and stagecoach picture in our logo represents the merchants who used to cross Morecambe Bay from Lancashire to Cumbria.
  • All of our pump clips picture a view across Morecambe Bay towards the Lake District.

Cross Bay operates on a 28bbl Brewing Capacity. That’s around 112 nine-gallon casks or 8064 pints per brew! 

This allows us the flexibility to offer a wide range of beer styles from various countries around the globe as well as giving us the ability to take on contract orders for wholesale.

Since our first brew in September 2011 we have produced over twenty different beer styles such as English, India and American Pale Ales, Porters, Bitters, Wheat beers, Milds, Saison’s and Green Hop beer’s plus many more.  

We have and do distribute them around the whole of Great Britain (see our contact page for your nearest distributor).

Here at Cross Bay we value quality. This for us means the quality of our product, the service we provide and finally the experience drinkers of Cross Bay beers rightly demand…a beer packed with body and flavour!

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