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Ethical Sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

Single Mine Origin (SMO) underpins our ethical approach to business.

Whilst the price of gold is important, so too is knowing that a product is of a high quality and has been responsibly sourced.


The huge benefit of choosing SMO gold is that there are no administrative barriers to entry or membership requirements for jewellers or investors. And with a plentiful and reliable supply, there is no pricing premium either.

Rather than creating another new standard, SMO must be mined in accordance with the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles.


The five key themes of SMO gold are: [NOTE: PLEASE ADD BELOW AS BULLET POINTS]

Good corporate governance

Progressive employment practices

Strong health and safety procedures

Committed environmental stewardship

Responsible community engagement


 SMO gold is 24 carat pure gold, produced and refined from one single mine site and plant. In an age where traceability is paramount, SMO-certification is the ultimate stamp of approval in precious metals.


SMO confirms that your gold is derived from a legitimate mining operation. It confirms that your gold holds no ties to conflict and has been produced at a mine where trade relationships are upheld with unwavering responsibility.


By purchasing SMO gold, investors and commercial buyers are supporting miners who are being paid a just wage under secure and safe employment. This in turn has a positive effect on the lives of the miners’ families and local communities who can benefit from the sustainability initiatives in place at the mine site and from residing in a region where legal business thrives. Extensive community development programmes include sanitation, education, health, environmental and alternative livelihood projects.


But SMO standards are not just advocated at the mine site, they are present at every stage of production.



Auditable chain of custody from mine to finished product, with process assurance from world class audit partners


Sourced from responsible partners operating to World Gold Council’s ‘Responsible Gold Mining Principles’


Utilises economies of scale to ensure no pricing premium and plentiful supply

No barriers to entry for jewellers or investors, with no administrative burden or membership requirements


Broad range of products available from grain, sheet, wire to investment products

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